Change the main speciality

Click on the edit symbol on the profile´s menu. Then, you can edit the fields of the profile. To change the medical speciality, you will be able to choose from a list which will scroll down.

Add or delete specialities

Click on the edit symbol on the profile´s menu. There, you can edit the fields of the profile, remove or add extra specialities by choosing from the list that will appear.

Access news of other specialities (not main speciality)

You have “Other Specialities” button at the top of the News section. By selecting the speciality, you are interested in you can check the latest news related to it.

Search for new

On the upper right side of the screen, in the news section, you have a headline searching tool to track the news you want.


What is Medictionary?

It is a scientific-medical dictionary containing information about diagnostic tests and diseases as well as the corresponding treatments. You can search in any of the three sections – diseases, diagnostic tests and treatments, just by introducing the desired concept in the search engine or by selecting the first letter of the concept in the alphabet.

Where does the information contained in Medicitonary come from?

The content is own elaborated by MedLab Media Group from official international sources - medical schools, universities, scientific publications, etc. - The content of Medictionary is periodically supervised and updated based on the information collected in the news section and facilitated by specialized institutions.


How do I access my profile?

You can access your profile section in the upper right side of the main menu by clicking your avatar.

What kind of information can I find in my profile?

Profile´s information refers to the personal data you provide when you register. However, it also includes the medical specialty and the extra specialities you selected. Part of this information can be modified just by clicking on the edit button of the same page.

How do I change the access password for the Platform?

Within the profile area you have a “Change password” section. Click there and a window will pop up letting you restore your password to access

Can I change my profile picture?

You must click on the profile picture inside your profile. Then, you can drag a photo or select any file from the device you are currently using.

Where can I send my doubts and inquiries?

Go to the “Help” section inside your profile, there you will be able to contact our support service.

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